• Image of Essentials Modcandle Sample Set - 6 candles

Essentials - Set of 6

Like refreshing essential oil candles? If so, you will love smelling these naturally essential oil and soy wax candles. Our essentials candles are made with natural soy wax and pure essential oils. These aromatherapy candles will make any room cozy and fresh, purifying your space the natural way. Includes reusable tin container.

Set Includes:
1 lavender Candle
1 Cinnamon Candle
1 Lemon and Basil Candle
1 Rose Geranium Candle
1 Orange and Clove Candle
1 Spearmint Candle

Candle info:
4 oz soy wax candle
Made with natural soy wax
Non toxic no lead 100% cotton wick
Burn time approximately 10 - 20 hours
Hand poured in USA

Fragrance Info:
Contains pure essential oils
No synthetic fragrance oils
Aromatherapy candles

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